Our Grid Sponsors

Below is a list of our jigsaw sponsors and the grid sections they have purchased:

Wordpump Digital

Web & Digital Services web: wordpump.co.uk
Grid Sections: A24

Steve Rockall

Grid Sections: D14

Pete Gammage

Grid Sections: F17

Ian Flaxman

Gird Section: J19, H24

Barbara & David Rockall

Grid Sections: N7 M7 M8 N8 O6

Nicola Martyniak

Grid Section: N13

P J Miller Ltd – Mark Foster

P J Miller Ltd – Steel Fabrications Northampton
Grid Section: F16

Kyle Lyons

Grid Section: K1

Richard Trunkfield

Grid Section: T4

Harry & Jasper Brown

Grid Section: L7

Katherine Cross

Grid Section: E11, E12

Kirsty Myles

Grid Section: K12, K21, R2

Emma Thompson

Grid Section: T1, T2, T3

Matthew Craddock

Grid Section: N9, M9

Carley Brooks

Grid Section: H15

Spectrum Club – Laura Price

Grid Section: O13, O12, N12, P12, P13

Natalie Kendrick

Grid Section: K8

Riikka Copeland

Grid Section: G21

Eve Wilson

Grid Section: C16, B16

Vincenza Flaxman

Grid Section: G18

Sarah & Dave Ellis

Grid Section: E16

Stephen Carpenter

Grid Section(s): G9-G10-G11-

hannah gausden

Grid Section(s): E19-A22-

Sabrina Brindisi

Grid Section(s): H17-H18-G17-G16-G15-H19-G19-F19-F18-E18-

Craig Waights

Grid Section(s): G20-

hannah gausden

Grid Section(s): C15-

Sarah Watson

Grid Section(s): B5-

Tom McLoughlin

Grid Section(s): M1-

Terry & Elaine Whenham

Grid Section(s): D1-D2-D3-

Martin Mcloughlin

Grid Section(s): E17-E15-F15-G24-H22-K17-J14-K15-O19-O17-

Insha Syed

Grid Section(s): G22-O8-E7-J15-N20-

George Gaywood

Grid Section(s): I20-D16-E20-G14-

Nigel Chevin-Hall

Grid Section(s): E13-D13-

Sapphire Tuckfield

Grid Section(s): L18-M18-N17-N18-M17-L17-

Daniel Howes

Grid Section(s): J13-J12-J11-K11-I16-

Jane Clements

Grid Section(s): (I17)(I18)(I19)(H16)(H20)

Teresa Rockall

Grid Section(s): (S25)