Spring 2020 Newsletter

Sensory Garden Project

Exciting New Project for Fernie Fields

Well so far 2020 has proved to be a very challenging year for just about everybody and has caused the cancellation of thousands of projects and events and we as a population are now getting used to living in a different world to the one we lived in in 2019

We at Sport4Fitnes are now looking forward and are adapting so that we can still provide the activities, support and help to local children and young adults with a disability and/or a special need.

Inside gatherings are still restricted and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. It is therefore important that we make use of our open spaces and facilitate activities in the fresh air.

This means that we are actively engaged in commencing works to construct our Sensory Garden.

We aim to be able to provide a safe and healthy outdoor space where visitors can get involved in the garden itself, experience nature, plants and wildlife through the senses of sight, touch, smell & hearing and we hope to encourage the growth, harvesting and where possible cooking and eating of things the visitors have grown.

We continually aim to show that ‘everyone can achieve’

You may be able to support us in this project by reading through the rest of this newsletter

What should we plant?

Some of the suggestions so far are;
For vision; Sunflowers, Swiss Chard, Chameleon plant
For hearing; Greater Quaking Grass, Fountain Grass
For touch; Lambs ears, Silver Sage
For smell; Curry Plant, Lavender, Chocolate Cosmos, Lemon Geranium,
Oregano, & Thyme

Can you suggest some other plants or maybe can you donate some?

Once constructed our outdoor pavilion/garden room/classroom will provide many opportunities for use almost all year round, providing a safe, welcoming area where we can provide classroom activities, the opportunity for visitors to become involved in Pilates or yoga, where we can erect a screen for videos & movies, have guests provide musical entertainment or just allow the visitors to sit back and relax. This is the single most expensive part of the garden and we need to find approximately £9,000 of funding to construct this space.

We will need soil and compost, watering cans, water butts, hand tools for gardening, artificial grass & materials to make seating areas. Bricks and edging stones for paths.
Can you suggest something you can offer?

Planters and vegetable trugs

We will provide as many raised beds, planters and vegetable troughs as possible to allow all visitors to have access to an area to grow things. We aim to construct these of recycled
plastic materials making them safe for all users and dramatically reducing the need to replace due to wear and tear.

These vegetable trugs are likely to cost us about £300 each.

Could you buy us one or as a group sponsor one or more of these or a planter or raised bed?

Enjoying the outdoors

One of the big changes noticed as a result of Covid 19 pandemic is that it is not easy to be able to gather together visitors in any sort of larger numbers and at a time when many people are desperate to get outside and do something.

By creating our sensory garden we feel the benefits will be many. Even when strictly following the advise given to us and ensuring we apply all the socially distancing measures and cleanliness instructions there are many opportunities available for groups or ’bubbles to be able to participate in activities together with no additional risks to any of the visitors.

By being outdoors in the fresh air we can provide so much more for so many more visitors

Please support us with this project if you can

The PDF version of this newsletter can be found here: Click Here

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